The Centre's activities are manifold as it is a meeting place of diverse sectoral expertise extraction. These activities are organized along the following main guidelines:

  •           Basic research projects to be realized within the Centre or in collaboration with external entities.
  •         Development of applied research projects commissioned by industry or government agencies.       
  •         Activities of advanced training, particularly post-graduate (doctoral and postdoctoral) with particular reference to European integration, to be achieved through seminars, summer schools, conferences or mentoring activities for long-term.
  •         Refresher courses and continuing education: refresher courses for teachers or vocational courses.
  •         Scientific collaboration to be realized through international exchange programs and organization of national and international conferences.
  •          Production of specialized journals or other forms of communication and scientific exchange between Italian and foreign scholars.
  •          Initiatives on communication and knowledge dissemination (schools, exhibitions, debates, conferences, ...).
  •          Support initiatives aimed at scientific achievements of relevant research projects.
  •          Support and promote activities for the exchange of knowledge between researchers from different countries.
  •          Scientific advice to public and, in accordance with appropriate agreements and contracts with other entities.