Starting from 2010 the journal "Communications on Stochastic Analysis" (COSA) is published in four issues annually (March, June, September, December). It aims to present original research papers of high quality in stochastic analysis (both theory and applications) and emphasizes the global development of the scientific community. The journal welcomes articles of interdisciplinary nature. Expository articles of current interest will occasionally be published.

Reports on Mathematical Physics

Reports on Mathematical Physics publishes papers in theoretical physics which present a rigorous mathematical approach to problems of quantum and classical mechanics and field theories, relativity and gravitation, statistical physics and mathematical foundations of physical theories. Papers using modern methods of functional analysis, probability theory, differential geometry, algebra and mathematical logic are preferred.

Open Systems & Information Dynamics (OSID)

The aim of this journal is to promote interdisciplinary research in mathematics, physics...

Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics (IDAQP)

In the past few years the fields of infinite dimensional analysis and quantum probability have undergone increasingly significant developments and have found many new applications, in particular, to classical probability and to different branches of physics. The number of first-class papers in these fields has grown at the same rate. This is currently the only journal which is devoted to these fields.

It constitutes an essential and central point of reference for the large number of mathematicians, mathematical physicists and other scientists who have been drawn into these areas. Both fields have strong interdisciplinary nature, with deep connection to, for example, classical probability, stochastic analysis, mathematical physics, operator algebras, irreversibility, ergodic theory and dynamical systems, quantum groups, classical and quantum stochastic geometry, quantum chaos, Dirichlet forms, harmonic analysis, quantum measurement, quantum computer, etc. The journal reflects this interdisciplinarity and welcomes high quality papers in all such related fields, particularly those which reveal connections with the main fields of this journal.

The principal objective of this journal is to provide an up-to-date overview of the state-of-the-art in its fields of competence.

Special issues devoted to single topic of particular current interest will also be published in this journal.

Random Operators and Stochastics Equation

Random Operators and Stochastic Equations is a quarterly journal publishing peer reviewed, English-language, original and translated articles on the theory of random operators and stochastic analysis. The majority of the articles is written by authors from the CIS but contributions from leading experts from all over the world will be published as well. In addition to articles issues contain review papers, short communications, tutorial articles, notices and announcements. Although the focus is on theoretical aspects, contributions on physical and technical applications are included in the journal.